Neoprene Bonded Sponge Waterproof Wetsuit Fabric – Big Z Color Card

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Product Info: New to our collection is the Neoprene Bonded Sponge Waterproof Wetsuit Fabric. Neoprene is a synthetic polymer resembling rubber, resistant to oil, heat, and weathering used for underwater scuba suits, koozies, athletic use, and much much more. The noeprene is bonded to a polyester material giving the fabric a width of 58″/60″ with a 1mm – 5mm sponge thickness. Furthermore, the material has a 2 way stretch as well as unique materials that gives this fabric the capability to be waterproof. This fabric is sold by the foot, by the yard and by the roll. Techno Neoprene Vs Waterproof Neoprene ( Differences) : Many people confuse neoprene techno fabric, which has no rubber center with no waterproof capabilities, with actual waterproof neoprene, that is waterproof, has a rubber center and it’s a great fabric for heat insulation. Our neoprene is authentic and is sold by the foot, by the yard and by the roll at an incredible Low Price not found anywhere else. Uses: Can be used for Wet suits, CD/Cell Phone Holders, Pads, Koozies, Braces, Bags, Protection Products, Medical Products, Sports Wear, Weapon Holsters, Heat Insulation, Musical Instrument Case Insulation And Many More …… Products Details: Made From Synthetic Rubber Width: 58″/60″ 2 Way Stretch 1mm – 5mm Thickness Closed Cell Foam Waterproof 92% Polyester/ 8% Spandex Sold In Continuous Yards


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