Fabric Facemasks for Kids

Fabric face masks for the Little ones Quick tips to help your kids use a face mask A personal face mask is the new “must” for everyone, no matter if you are an adult or a kid. Children from 2 years or older, should wear a mask anytime they are going outside their homes, it […]

Homemade fabric masks, the most effective

The most effective against Covid19: Multi-layered homemade fabric masks Homemade face masks have proven to be the most effective option to fight Covid19 A recent medical study say which are the best and most effective option to help avoid the spreading of Covid-19 virus, you will be surprised as we are to know that multiple […]

Fabric Face Masks Thanksgiving Themed

Unique fabric face masks for the Holidays Holidays are coming and especially Thanksgiving which is a family tradition for all Americans. Currently, we are facing a world pandemic so we need to adapt to a new reality and a new lifestyle so we can safely gather with our loved ones. The use of a face mask […]